This website is my creative, anger, and enjoyment outlet. I post reviews, short stories, and just blog sometimes. Reading this website is like a ticket inside my thoughts and emotions. Sometimes I like to think that some of what I write is funny, which I’m usually wrong about. This won’t be a fluffy pink princess’ blog, it will be a blue punk rock prinncess blog. Who knows, you might be entertained reading by my essence.

I’m what you would call the tomboy girly girl. On the outside I look like the typical girly girl with all my colors but I love Marvel, video games, and graphic novels. My inspiration comes from what I hear and see around me. When I try something new and have feelings about it, you better bet that I’m going to write something about it.

More About Me                                                                                                                                      

     I’m your average teenage writer, singer, dancer, pianoist, and netflix watcher. I was accepted into the PVA (Performing and Visual Arts) magnet creative writing progam. I have lived in three different places that have given me different experiences. When I lived in Chicago, IL, life was about staying inside and being warm. When I lived in Annapolis, MD, life was about the water and the beach. I have recently moved to Dunkirk, MD which is a good hour drive from Annapolis.

I don’t know what Dunkirk is about yet. The people here act totally different from the ones in Annapolis. Different things are trends and popular here. Some of the popular things here already happened in Annapolis.  Once I figure out what I’m doing, you guys will be the first to know. That might be a while away though, so stick with me as I go down the yellow brick road that is life.