Too Hyped Up

Too Hyped Up

Today I had a “huge” math test that was supposed to be hard. My dad forced me to study for it even though I understood the material well. Now let me tell you, it was super easy. We were given 40 minutes to finish the benchmark and submit our answers online. The test was 3 minutes in and the fire alarm went off. It was the worst timed fire drill ever. The fire drill took up 10 minutes of our time. We got back and continued the test. The “huge” test was 13 questions long. I finished and had 20 or more minutes to spare. I was the first to finish and Dylan, one of my classmates was astonished. You know that one kid never pays attention to their test in your class? Yeah, that’s Dylan. I had 20 minutes to do homework and then it was dissmisal. I have to ride the bus with 4 other middle schoolers and 18 high schoolers. Our bus is pretty full everyday. Today, the bus wasn’t in its usual spot. We had to wait outside for 10 minutes and after the rest of the buses left until it came to pick us up. That’s the story of the day that was too hyped up.


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