Believe in Cher Story #1

Believe in Cher Story #1

It was the summer of 1998 and it was one of the hottest summers of the decade. I had been listening to Cher’s Believe which I was obsessed with at the time. I was moving some chairs outside for the big barbecue I was hosting. All my friends were coming, even if they were only coming for my nice cold pool in the backyard. The doorbell rung and all of a sudden, I wasn’t in my backyard anymore. I was at a club with tons of people I didn’t know.

Believe was still playing loud and clear and I noticed, the main girl from Cher’s Believe music video came into the club. I then realized that I was in the music video. I just went with the flow and started dancing. I couldn’t keep my cool though when I saw Cher. I was about to approach her when… “MADDIE!” somebody screamed waking me up from my apparent dream.

It was my friend Caylie that was here for the barbecue. She was standing in front of me looking frustrated. She claims that I was singing Believe in my sleep, badly. I apologized to her and then told her she could take a swim and that I would meet her in there. I was bewildered because that dream seemed so realistic. I probably have seen that video hundreds of times too many.

I opened my laptop and decided to watch the music video again. I remembered my exact position in my dream and the people surrounding me. In a shot showing the main girl walk through the club, I saw me dancing. In all the times I watched this video I had never seen myself before. I was very freaked out and never watched the video again. I can’t say the same thing for the song though.


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